Freedom of choice without compromising on quality

GPL Solutions provide open source consultancy and development services

With proprietary software vendors you are often locked-in to software, file formats and methodologies. With free software you have the possibility of support from a wide range of independent vendors, allowing you to choose the best supported industry-wide solution for every part of your stack.
This provides you with the flexibility to move your stack to another vendor as and when you please.

We try to implement standardised solutions whenever possible, enabling us to provide you with the latest technologies without enterprise pricing.

From websites and applications to embedded technologies, our consultants and developers are always following the latest developments and implementing them directly into our service offerings.


Leveraging the power of community

Developers around the world working together on community projects

Free and open source software is developed publicly by communities around the world. Some examples of well known projects include: Linux, Firefox, Openoffice, Drupal, Wordpress, Android and VLC


Security in a globalised networked world

Developing software in the open provides transparency & security

While no security is perfect and open source software also has bugs, they tend to be patched as soon as they are found and distributed quickly so that affected systems can be patched.

This contrasts with proprietary software companies like Microsoft and Apple who often dont patch software quickly after bugs and exploits are revealed.


GPL Solutions without vendor lock-in

Solving problems with free and open source technologies


With over a decade of Drupal experience we provide development and consultancy services on new and existing sites.


Business desktop distributions and installation or custom solutions for those special cases that need extra care.

Web applications

Using a selection of PHP and Ruby frameworks we build fast and maintainable web applications using agile methodologies.


We can provide guidance and management on hosting your websites and applications and keeping them running day and night.


We can provide group or one-on-one training in various free and open source software packages, frameworks and systems.

Embedded hardware

Often a good solutions require a hardware implementation, we can help you integrate your custom hardware with other systems.

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